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Boutique featuring a thoughtfully curated selection home goods, vintage, clothing, accessories, and gifts from independent makers and artists. 



Alexia Brown

  • Every year, Byron & Blue closes up for SXSW and I take some much needed time off. This year, I'll be headed to Big Sur. We'll also be hitting up San Fran – now taking suggestions for places to see / do / eat! 
  • I'm currently looking for a new home and dreaming up what the new space could look like. I'm in love with neutral colors and this Instagram is so dreamy. 
  • These new ceramic earrings just popped up on my Instagram feed and I love the terracotta ones!
  • Made this Smoky Tempeh Burrito Bowl twice in one week – so good! And if you're looking for a really delicious vegan taco recipe, this one is my favorite.
  • Ever wonder how a woman deals with her period when she's hiking a freaking mountain? Now you'll know. 
  • I'm reading Sam Shepard's new book, The One Inside. And I just bought O Pioneers! by Willa Cather to read next. 
  • What I haul my groceries in, nowadays.
  • I've obsessed with clay masks and I'm loving Herbivore Botanical's Detoxifying Blue Clay Mask. Feels and smells so good. I also use their body oil. It smells peachy and you can put it everywhere. 
  • On my list of places to visit: Foxfire Mountain House in the Catskills. So beautiful. Take a look through their gallery.  
  • My birthday is at the end of the month and my Accessories Pinterest board is doubling as a wish list. ;) 
  • Favorite things in the shop right now: Re-stocked blankets! (And get 15% all blankets during SXSW with code MARCH15!)






Favorites Right Now

Alexia Brown

I finally saw A Single Man (which was directed by Tom Ford! Who knew?) after reading the book years ago. It's such a beautiful movie and how could you not want to move into that Lautner house

I've never been into face masks, but Glossier's Mega Greens Galaxy Pack is one of the best things to happen to my skin. Makes my face feel super soft and moisturized. 

Cherry Banana smoothies. Recipe: a frozen banana, 8 cherries (de-pitted), 4 blackberries, a handful of spinach and some almond milk. 

Just picked up this book and while I'm still reading Georgia O'Keeffe: A Life (which I love), The Moons of Jupiter is just easier to haul around in my bag. 

Be still, my heart. These dream pants that I got in Olive will never come off me. I've never swooned so hard over a piece of clothing.

This wine. Is it a red wine? A rosé? I don't know, but it's spicy and peppery and light and is the prettiest dark strawberry color and perfect for summer. 

The softest ever linen sheets and duvet covers in Peach from In Bed.

This kid!!

In the shop: Underarm Balm, always and forever. Oh! Fox caftans (I wear mine to the pool). And the first macrame wall hanging workshop at Byron & Blue!